1. The mountains crumble and fall apart, and so do I. 

  2. Winter still clings to the La Platas

  3. infiniteforests:

    vallecito reservoir nov 2010

  4. Approaching Orizaba

  5. Alpenglow on Orizaba

  6. Citlaltépetl, Mexico

  7. Backcountry skiing, San Juans, Colorado

  8. Silver Peak, La Platas

  9. Buried in ice and snow. 

  10. Silvery slopes of the San Juans.

  11. Out skiing in the San Juans…

  12. The light that dwells in the forest.

  13. oftheoleanders ice climbing in Ouray, Colorado

  14. Watching the sunrise during a weekend of ice climbing.

  15. Kendall Mountain, obscured by fog and snow.